Fast and effective central heating system flushing with ongoing protection.

Whether you are installing a new boiler, central heating system or servicing an existing system, the installation of a magnetic filter is an investment that everyone should make.

MagnaClean Filter

A magnetic filter will increase the life of your boiler and make it more efficient. Even a small build up of iron oxide in the system results in substantial efficiency loss and fuel wastage, coupled with increased carbon dioxide emissions. The most frequent cause of boiler breakdown is a seized pump, more often than not caused by a build up of magnetite (iron oxide and other particulates) that a magnetic filter can stop.

Price Heating & Hot Water will install a magnetic filter with every new boiler installation and Mark is an approved installer of the Adey MagnaClean magnetic filter system, the original magnetic filter. Please read on for more information.

MagnaCleanse : Lifetime System Protection

The new system restorer that's permanent.

Price Heating & Hot Water, is pleased to offer the latest in system-flushing technology from Adey, the pioneers in magnetic filtration technology. With the new MagnaCleanse system and the installation of a MagnaClean magnetic filter, Mark can get your system clean and ensure that it stays clean day after day.

Fast and effective central heating system flushing with ongoing protection.

MagnaClease is the latest central heating flushing breakthrough from the pioneers of magnetic filtration and the award winning MagnaClean technology.

The new MagnaCleanse system from Adey is a revolution in central heating flushing practice. Previously, a system flush would take on average six hours, but not leave your system continuously protected. With the new MagnaCleanse, a system flush can be carried out in as little as two hours whilst delivering truly effective results with ongoing central heating system protection. The benefits are tangiable and immediate, removing virtually ALL suspended black iron oxide in ONE pass.

Benefits of MagnaCleanse
  1. It is effective and certainly saves the customer money through better efficiency.
  2. Removes more system debris than power flushing.
  3. It is kinder on the central heating system – it does not operate at raised pressure with all the potential for damage that can cause.
  4. Easier and safer to operate, so cost saving.
  5. Copes easily with both pressurised and vented heating systems.
  6. Continues to clean the system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year after the engineer has left and will keep doing so for years to come.

Visit the Adey website to see just how simple it is and how effective in operation it can be.

For more information on System Cleansing or to book a survey for a MagnaCleanse flush for your system, please contact Mark by Phone on 07951 974 455, Email: info@price-heating.com or fill out the Enquiry Form online whichever is most convenient for you.